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Cozette 2016 Obsidian Holiday Challenge 2nd place winner

Holiday Challenge 2015 – 2nd Place winner!

I lost 27 inches and 19.5 pounds!

As a 52-year-old postmenopausal woman I lost 19.4 pounds and 27 inches in the 2015 Obsidian Challenge. Combining three sessions a week and carefully following the provided nutrition guidelines the pounds and inches steadily came off. It was thrilling! Knowledgeable and encouraging instructors lead classes on a new low impact head to toe workout each week. There was no boredom in the warm up, balance moves, core work, cardio sprints on the slide board or compound movements with weights. Variety is the spice of life and you get a generous portion each session and a great sweat! I could literally feel myself becoming more lean and strong from week to week even though I would often step onto the carpet to do an optional move utilizing good form. Age is not a factor for success. Obsidian is the best thing that I did for myself in 2015 and I recommend it to anyone looking for better health of body and mind.
Thank you Lacey and DASH team. Your studio is a positive and empowering place and it has changed my life.

– Cozette

Rebecca takes 1st place in the Holiday Challenge 2014

Holiday Challenge 2014 – 1st Place winner!

I just finished the Holiday challenge and lost 20 lbs and 18 inches!

I love to exercise.. I always have, but after getting married several years ago life became focused on a career, then kids, I didn’t make exercise and health a priority. I went through two rounds of In Vitro for my two oldest children and the hormones did not help with my weight. I have never been a big person so I really struggled when I was having a difficult time losing the baby weight. I lost some weight after my second child with tracking my diet and I started taking step classes at DASH but I was not as committed as I should have been and the weight loss was short lived. We were surprised with a third child 2 years ago and I decided after he was born I needed to refocus on myself and my health. Obsidian has not only helped me lose the baby weight but my body has changed, I am in better physical shape than I have been since college. My husband, family and friends have been very supportive. I now take time every week to attend 4-5 Obsidian or studio classes. I just finished the Holiday challenge and lost 20 lbs and 18 inches. I have never felt better, my body is strong and I am a better wife and mother. Obsidian works, it is now part of my life and routine – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

– Rebecca

Holiday Challenge 2014 – 2nd Place

2nd Place (2nd highest percentage of weight loss): Nick lost 25.8 pounds and 25.8 inches! His total percentage of weight loss was 14.27%! Won $250
Nick takes 2nd Place in the Holiday Challenge 2014 Nick takes 2nd Place in the Holiday Challenge 2014

Holiday Challenge 2014 – 3rd Place winner

3rd Place (Most inches lost): Micaela lost 24.25 inches and 19.5 pounds!! Her total percentage of weight loss was 10.26% Won $150 and DASH swag.
Micaela takes 3rd place in the Holiday Challenge 2014

Doreen Before Doreen After

I was able to shed 15 lbs and 18 inches off my body, and keep it OFF

I am 38 years old and I have been actively working out at the gym for years. In October, 2009, Lacey had told me about the Obsidian Challenge that they were doing at Dash Fitness. I decided I needed something to keep me motivated during the winter months and I was also very frustrated with not seeing any results with my current workouts, so I decided to do the challenge. I had been doing group fitness classes, such as Body Pump and Body Combat, as well as running for cardio, etc. I just seemed to plateau and was never able to lose any pounds, UNTIL I did the Obsidian Fitness Challenge. I attended the Obsidian classes 2 times a week, in addition to my regular workouts. Lacey and Erin were extremely helpful in guiding me with my nutrition and calorie intake, and also kicking my butt into shape in the Obsidian workouts. In a matter of 12 weeks, I was able to shed 15 lbs and 18 inches off my body, and keep it OFF. My body went through a complete transformation and I am probably in the best shape I have been in my entire life and I attribute that to the Obsidian classes, Lacey and Erin as instructors and my dedication.

-Doreen 38 y.o.

Nicole Before Nicole After

I have never been this thin…

After joining DASH and losing my last 15 pounds of baby #3 weight, I decided I wanted to “kick it up a notch” and I signed up to participate in the Obsidian Challenge. The class, which is similar to a group personal training class, is intense and changes each week (which means different muscles hurt every week). Erin and Lacey are great about making sure my form was correct so I could get the best results possible. The class pushed me to my limit every time and I looked forward to going to Obsidian twice a week. I also loved being able to see my progress with what I was able to accomplish in class, but also how fast my body changed. I found myself flexing in the mirror, like a teenage boy.

One of the biggest factors for me was the individual help that Erin and Lacey gave with nutrition. They told me what kinds of food to eat and how many calories to eat each day. For the first few weeks I emailed what I ate every day to them and they gave feedback. I was then accountable to weigh-in once a week. There is a strong camaraderie with Lacey, Erin, and the other people participating in the Challenge. As a group, we encouraged each other and celebrated together. Erin and Lacey were always available to answer questions or give encouragement.

I started the Challenge at what before I would consider my “normal” weight and was able to lose almost 17 pounds in 12 weeks–that was even during the holidays! I regularly wore a size 10 jean and bought a size 4 before the challenge was even finished. I have never been this thin (okay, maybe in sixth grade) or in better physical shape. I would recommend Obsidian to anyone who wants to see results!

-Nicole 31 y.o.

Lucy Before Lucy After

I was able to lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks

I am a 55 year old mother of four and grandmother of ten. I started exercising about four years ago and although I tightened up a bit, I didn’t lose any pounds and not many inches. Last year I joined DASH and continued taking classes three days a week. Although I still didn’t change much, I felt a lot better about myself. It wasn’t until I joined the Obsidian challenge that I started noticing a lot of results. With the help of Lacey and Erin encouraging and pushing me further than I thought I was capable, I was able to lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks. I don’t know the total inches but it is very noticeable. At times it was hard to keep up with the younger people in class, but Lacey and Erin were always very good at modifying my workouts so I could get the same results. They were always very conscious of me and my needs. The last three weeks of the challenge, I started going to the 50+ class that Pat taught. This was more geared to my level and with people around my same age. It is nice that there are always options for people at every level. I have tried a lot of things over the years to lose weight and I know I never would have achieved my goals without the help of Lacey and Erin and the obsidian workouts.

-Lucy 57 y.o.

Claudia Before and After

After twelve weeks I’d lost 21lbs and two dress sizes

So it was January 1, and I, yet again, resolved to make some changes. Just like last year and the five to ten years before that…I was going to lose some weight and get enough stamina to run to answer the phone without sounding like I’d just committed in a 10K.

DASH had been flashing it’s “come and try us” sign for about two years. I’d joined two other gyms in my past “New Year’s Resolutions”, only to feel foolishly fifty to sixty trying to keep up with the twenty to thirty hard bodies and dropping out after six weeks. But I’d resolved, so I signed up for some personal training. Surely taking the competition factor our of the equation would be motivating. After three sessions, I felt brave enough to try the Obsidian Class. Maybe I could slide my way to a healthier me.

Here’s the bottom line…I feel and look better than I have in ten years. The personal training gave me the tolls needed to workout on my own. The Obsidian class is a great combination of cardio and core exercises that allows me to work at my own level of ability. I’ve worked hard and have been pushed but not over the edge! After twelve weeks I’d lost 21lbs and two dress sizes. The best part is I can run to answer the phone without running out of breathe.

-Claudia Scalley (PT with Pat Nygren and Level I Obsidian)

Joni BeforeJoni After

I lost 23 1/2 lbs in 12 weeks

I was tired of my own excuses for not getting into shape: “My baby’s only a year old,” “I don’t have time to do this right,” “With work and kids, I have enough on my plate.” Well, I was putting a lot on my plate, but I knew deep down that what I really needed was motivation. My running partner had been doing the Obsidian Challenge at DASH, and I watched her pounds, inches, and clothing sizes dwindle away in front of me. I knew I had found what I needed to put the excuses to rest.

I started the Challenge in January of 2010, days before my son’s first birthday. I was determined that I would put everything I had into it. I exercised more, followed Lacey’s and Erin’s advice (even if that advice sometimes included increasing calories), and learned to eat in a different way. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Every week I got on the scale and saw the pounds creep downward. My clothes started to get loose and my body more muscular. I work as a physician and have three young children but I was able to change my daily habits based on the principles of the Challenge. I loved doing the Obsidian classes, and I felt motivated by the DASH team every single day. Overall, I lost more than 16% of my body weight, and nine months later, I have kept it off. Inspiring, challenging, encouraging, and most of all, lots of fun, the DASH Obsidian Challenge was truly worth every mountain climber!

-Joni 37 y.o.,

Mat Before Mat After

The weight started to melt away

After spending nearly a decade pursuing a career in medicine I achieved my goal of becoming a young physician. The only problem was that I didn’t feel young. I felt tired and exhausted. With some encouragement from my wife I decided to join “her gym.” At first I was skeptical, another benefit of a career in medicine about joining a gym…but DASH wasn’t like other gyms I’d joined before. I jumped into an 6 week challenge and the weight started to melt away but more importantly I had more energy. At the core of my new work regimen was Obsidian, a total body work out like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Now after nearly 6 months of working out at DASH and doing Obsidian twice a week I’m in the best shape of my life and continually challenged by the work outs. The staff is knowledgeable, encouraging, and supportive. I would recommend DASH to my friends, family and patients. If you want your life and health back then get to DASH and take it back.


Zac Before Zac After

I lost 30 lbs in 12 weeks

My entire life I have been very active. However, I have never been able to get the “fit” look that I have always wanted. DASH Fitness Studios gave me the road map to success. They taught me to eat and exercise the right way. Obsidian has become one of my favorite workouts. It allows me to work out my core and all my major muscle groups mixed in with some excellent cardio! I am happy to say to have lost 30 lbs in 12 weeks. But I am even happier to say that I know what it takes for long term fitness success. Thanks DASH!

-Zac 28 y.o.

Best workout I’ve ever tried…

This is one of the most unique workouts I have ever tried, and I can honestly say, I’ve tried them all! I’ve always had a personal interest in exercise and nutrition, but I also have to work hard to stay in shape because of a back injury I incurred 8 years ago. Ever since my injury, I have been looking for the perfect workout, and I finally found it.

This is one of the most challenging workouts I’ve ever done because it encompasses every piece of fitness imaginable. It’s a cardiovascular challenge that has built my core strength, improved my endurance, flexibility, balance, and corrected my posture as an added bonus! One of the greatest benefits was the muscle definition I started to notice almost immediately, which I have never been able to accomplish in the past with any other workout regimen.  I lost 15 lbs. with this workout after having 2 children and significantly reduced my cholesterol levels, which was a monumental success for me.

There is no expensive or bulky equipment needed to get a great workout.  I love that I can exercise on my own time, at my own pace from home. This is the best workout I’ve ever tried and it’s given me the results I’ve always wanted. If you are looking for something new, challenging, and fun that will give you the healthy body you’ve always wanted–this is the workout for you!


Life changing

I was diagnosed with bi-polar II at an early age. Doctors had put me on multiple medications to help with my severe depression, anxiety disorder, and insomnia. I was on 5-7 medications at a time and have tried over 20 different ones. I then hit a period in my life when it seemed nothing would work, I became hopeless and wanted to die. I had begun to plan my suicide when I had a “friend” introduce me to pain killers. The pills allowed me to escape my thoughts and I began to not only abuse opiates but also benzodiazepines. What I didn’t understand at the time was the more I used, the more depressed I became. It became a vicious cycle and my life spun out of control. I spent all my savings, quit my job, and sold my house so I could get high. I couldn’t keep up with my addiction and one night took all the pills I had left. My family found me and admitted me to the hospital. At this time, I finally entered rehab but was skeptical I would ever get better. I have since been in and out of the hospital and rehab several times. Every time I was released my treatment plan included joining a gym and getting active. I tried every gym in the Salt Lake Valley and even tried buying a treadmill in the hope I could find something that wasn’t boring and I enjoyed. Nothing seemed to help or work and I would once again fail.

Then I took a Zumba class at Dash. I was surprised at how much fun I had! I tried other classes at Dash and enjoyed them equally as well. The instructors are amazing and they took genuine interest in my success. Their knowledge, experience, kindness, and approach is something you won’t find at a typical gym. The classes and personal training has not only helped me physically (I’ve lost 30 pounds!) but more importantly mentally and emotionally. Since joining the gym I am down to one medication and for the first time in 15 years I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep on my own. But I’m most excited to say that this is the longest amount of time I have stayed sober. I’m truly grateful and blessed for what Dash has offered me. I am now very hopeful in my recovery and happy in life.


I lost 10lbs…

On my 60th birthday I felt age creeping into my joints and heart. After a few months doing the Obsidian workout, I lost 10 lbs, my knees and joints quit aching, strength and tone came back, and I feel 50 again!


I love the energy and fun atmosphere

I’ve been a Dash client since they opened. I actually went to their open house the first day and have been going several times a week since. They’ve kept their schedule and the classes fresh so I’ve not ever been bored or in a slump. I love the energy and fun atmosphere, but most important to me is the challenge. No matter your fitness level, you will be challenged appropriately. In fact, I’ve hired Lacey, the C0- owner, as a personal trainer for myself, and my two highly athletic daughters. Her attention to form is outstanding. I also highly recommend the Obsidian classes-I go twice a week. It’s a total body workout that changes weekly and incorporates cardio, strength and balance, and makes me sweat more than any other workout I do. I’ve definitely significantly upped my fitness level over the years due to my workouts at Dash!

-Kitty Swenson

The instructors are so enthusiastic…

Joining DASH Fitness has been a definite “life changer” for me! Before DASH, I always enjoyed running and was afraid of group class settings but after one class at DASH I was completely hooked! DASH offers such a positive experience and environment. The instructors are awesome, the classes are so fun- always offering a challenging workout- and the members are great! I love all of the classes because no matter how many times you attend there are always new opportunities to push yourself harder and increase your fitness level. The instructors are so enthusiastic and make every class worth your time! DASH has completely changed the role exercise plays in my life, I love it and can’t live without it! Congratulations on 5 years and I look forward many, many more!

-Elizabeth Thompson

I love Dash! Great people. Great facility. Great workout!

Dash is a refuge from the world to get your sweat on and have fun working out! The instructors are so knowledgeable and genuinely interested in their client’s success. Obsidian is like no other workout and strengthens every single part of your body! I love Dash! Great people. Great facility. Great workout!

-Marianne VanWagoner

I love being a member of DASH

I love being a member of DASH, and count many of the members and instructors that I have met here among my dearest friends — outside and inside the gym. Working out, which used to be a chore, is often now my favorite part of the day. Thank you DASH!

-Cody Winchester

Has truly been a life saver for me!!

I became hooked to the Les Mills classes years ago, and was beyond excited when I found out DASH would be opening in such a great location so that I could continue to come to the classes that I love and adore, and believe in sooo much!! I strongly believe in the power of exercise, and not just for the physical benefits, but I’ve found that the empowering feeling that comes with feeling strong physically, has truly gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life emotionally! I am single working mom of 4 kids, and I know for a FACT, that I would not survive the stress of life without daily exercise. Having DASH be so convenient and not have to deal with going to the typical gym, but rather can come to a place that’s clean and close, has truly been a life saver for me!! Thanks and congrats on 5 years!! I’m sure there will be many more to come!

-Andy Earl

I am a 69 year old grandmother who loves Obsidian!

About 6 years ago I herniated a disk in my back. After more than a year of rehab, I felt good, but I was nervous about resume exercising. I did not want to end up back in physical therapy. My daughter knew Lacey and encouraged me to try Obsidian, so I did! I was hooked immediately. The sliding and the other exercises we do on the board in class , strengthened my back, helped improve my balance and gave me the intense workout that I had missed so much while I was rehabbing. Obsidian gets my heart rate up and improves my strength and overall fitness level. I bought an Obsidian board to use at home and I love being able to work out on it when I choose to.


I started attending Obsidian classes at Dash Fitness in January 2012.

Over the years, I have tried just about every form of exercise including running, cycling, yoga, skate skiing, weight training with a personal trainer, and various classes at other gyms.
I found the Obsidian classes to be the ultimate all over body workout with excellent emphasis on performing all dynamic movements with proper technique and form.
The Obsidian workout literally transformed my body in about 8 weeks. I found it to be more effective then any other exercise program that I had tried.
As a Physical Therapist, I am always looking for safe and efficient forms of exercise for myself, my friends, and my patients.
The Obsidian workout very thoroughly works the entire body and is an excellent preparation for any other recreational activity. Done regularly, it will make you better at every physical endeavor you aspire to and help you to prevent future injuries.
I have sent many of my friends and patients to the Obsidian classes and they have all experienced transformations in their bodies in short periods of time and physically feel better then they have in years.
Start doing it now to look and feel the best you ever have!

-Julie Thieszen, MPT, OCS, CMPT