Take the Obsidian™ Challenge!

Obsidian™ Challenge

The revolutionary workout that will tone your glutes, inner thigh, and abs by incorporating cardio, resistance training, speed and agility, balance and core exercises.

This empowering workout will inspire you with upbeat music, 2 powerful role model trainers and the driving energy of a group. You will mountain climb, lunge, squat and slide your way to the ultimate level of fitness.

Why should YOU do the Obsidian™ Workout?

  1. extreme calorie burner resulting in major weight loss
  2. high intensity/low impact workout
  3. compliments any workout regimen
  4. carves and strengthens both key and accessory muscle groups
  5. builds posture, core strength and confidence
Quarterly Obsidian™ challenge offers healthy competition, amazing results and awesome 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes!

Who should do the Obsidian™ workout?

Everyone ages 16-65 from the beginning to the advanced fitness levels. The Obsidian™ workout is designed and taught by personal trainers so you will get the attention you deserve. Form is our top priority so that participants get outstanding results. The Obsidian™ Level I class is a great place for anyone to start. If you suffer from hip, knee or ankle pain, the Obsidian™ workout can strengthen your muscles and bones through high intensity, low impact exercises through every plane of motion. Certified personal trainers are ready to push you, but you can work at your own pace. A fitness assessment is a must. If you have any health concerns, a doctor's note is required.

How often should I do the Obsidian™ workout?

You will notice an immediate change in your body doing the Obsidian™ workoutonce a week in addition to your usual workout routine. If you take on Obsidian™ class twice a week, you will literally transform your body.

What do I need to bring?

You will sweat so bring a towel and lots of water. Wear comfortable shoes. We will provide the booties and mitts.

Creators of the Obsidian™ workout
Lacey Brushke and Erin Wathen

Obsidian& Challenge

"Obsidian is a naturally ocurring glass formed as an extrusive rock. It is produced when lava from a volcano cools. It's edges were used historically as ancient blades. It was also polished to created early mirrors." Metaphorically, we have created an empowering workout and product that transforms individuals by carving and strengthening each muscle group in 6-12 weeks.