Halloween Treat Tips -

Halloween Treat Tips

Tips On How To Stay Healthy Amongst All Of The Halloween Treats


Our first holiday of the season is almost upon us.  As with any holiday that tempts you with goodies, the number one tool you need is a PLAN! These Halloween treat tips will help you get through the first candy-centric holiday of the season.

Halloween Treat Tip #1

Don’t purchase any Halloween candy until the day or two before Halloween.  I know those candy dishes can be cute and festive, but it’s not worth the constant temptation.  An added bonus:  the candy will usually go on sale if you are willing to hold out so you will save some money!

Halloween Treat Tip #2

Hand out something other than candy.  There are so many fun options out there that won’t disappoint the kids, and you’ll be helping them stay healthy!  Kids love the surprise of something other than candy.  We had neighbors that did this and it was a hit!  The options are endless:  neon bracelets, stickers, pencils, temporary tatoos etc (checkout pinterest for even more clever/fun options).

Halloween Treat Tip #3

Have a plan for leftover candy.  Check with your kids’ teachers or local shelters.  It would be better to throw it in the trash than to keep that candy lingering through November.

Halloween Treat Tip #4

Talk with your children about what is an appropriate amount of candy to eat, and how they plan to eat it over the coming days.  This is a great time to start the conversation about the pros ad cons of eating it.  There are certainly some candy that is better than others.  My kids usually pick out the candy that they absolutely love and those that have ingredients they can read!  The rest gets tossed.  Let them be a part of the decision!  Many dentists will incentivize your children to bring in their Halloween bags of candy for a prize or money.

Remember, sugar is highly addictive.

Those empty calories simply aren’t worth it.  Start the holidays out right with these helpful tips!  Take control now and watch your will power double in strength!


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