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Lacey has taught group fitness classes for 14 years and has been a certified personal trainer for 7 years.   She strongly feels that group fitness, both small group and team training, is one of the best ways to work out.  You won’t get bored with the monotony of a treadmill.  The programs offered at DASH are sure to get you the results you want. They combine resistance, core, balance, cardio, flexibility and active recovery…..what’s more, they are all out fun! “The music and variety of classes keeps the workouts fresh and challenging,” according to Lacey. You are guaranteed to burn calories and gain strength at the same time. You will also receive support and gain confidence from the energy of others in the class. The camaraderie that develops among such a diverse group of individuals, ranging through all levels of fitness, is inspiring.  At Dash we want our clients to succeed in reaching their fitness goals, and we are there to help them every step of the way.  We know our clients by name and are invested in their health.  Our goal is to motivate, educate, and inspire our clients.  Come see why our clients love us.  YOU will love us too!


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