6 Tips For Kicking Those Sugar Cravings! -

6 Tips For Kicking Those Sugar Cravings!


  1. Think nutrient dense carbs (fruits and veggies), not bad carbs (cookies).  Too often people go on these fad, “no sugar” diets and at first, it works well and they feel great.  The problem is, our bodies really need carbs to survive.  They provide food and fuel to our brain and provide essential nutrients.  For the next 24 hours tally up how many good carbs vs. bad carbs you consume.


  1.  Understand the label and serving sizes.  One handful of your favorite candy is likely full of genetically modified organisms; far more refined sugar than you should have in a full day, and possibly fat (depending on your treat of choice).  If you really want that treat, plan for it, and enjoy it, mindfully.


  1.  Know the truth about sugar:  refined sugar is a concentrated source of quick energy for the body that is readily available.  If you have too much of it, to get rid of it, the body quickly sends it away to the fat cells so it won’t increase the blood sugar any more.  You’re basically shuttling the stuff right to your fat cells!  Just 2 tsps. of refined sugar can inhibit your weight loss for 3-4 days!  It will also weaken your immune system…not good for this time of year!  The average American consumes 22.2 tsp/day.  Daily-recommended allowance (DRA) is 5 tsp/day (20 grams) for women, and 9 tsp/day (36 grams) for men.  It’s incredibly addictive!


  1.  Try healthier, natural alternatives such as stevia, xylitol, and agave.  Fruit is my favorite alternative.  For instance, instead of ice cream, freeze your favorite fruit (I love pineapple and mango).  I promise it will satisfy your sugar cravings!


  1.  Skip artificial sweeteners, they are like poison for your body and your metabolism.  They don’t lessen your cravings for sugar and are linked to obesity.


  1. Check your stress.  Many of us turn to sugar when we are stressed.  Instead of going for your favorite treat, try exercise, reading a book, and taking time for yourself.  Eventually, you will recognize the triggers that are steering you to sugar, and you can have strategies in place to thwart the cravings.


No matter how health conscious you may be, everyone craves sweets now and then. Implement these tips and you will lose weight, boost your energy, and increase your metabolism!


Written by: Lacey Bruschke




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